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Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. How do I know if I need a windshield replacement or repair?

As a general rule of thumb, our installers will attempt to fix your rock chip when it is roughly about the size of a quarter. If it's any larger than that, or if the chip has started to crack and spread, then it's time to replace your windshield. By having your rock chip repaired when it's small, you can try to prevent it from spreading so you won't have to replace the whole thing.

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2. Will I still be able to see the rock chip after it's been repaired?

Our highly trained installers will do everything in their power to reduce the visibility of your rock chip once it's been repaired, and in many cases the small "scar" left over will be unnoticeable. However, a rock chip is a structural defect in the glass, and so cannot be completely erased.

3. How long will it take to replace my windshield? Why does it take so long?

We advise our customers that a windshield replacement generally takes up to 4 hours. Because your windshield is an important safety feature of your vehicle, we will not release it until it has met the SAFE DRIVE-AWAY TIME. Once the installer sets the new windshield in place, it needs to sit for an additional 1-2 hours so that the urethane cures properly. Occassionally, the process will take longer, especially for older vehicles, if the installer finds rust or other unexpected issues.

4. If I use my insurance company, will it affect my rates?

In our 25+ years in business, we've spoken with hundreds of insurance agents, and we have always been told that a glass claim will not affect your rates. However, we would always suggest you contact your agent directly to confirm that your rates won't go up.

5. Do you have a mobile service?

We do offer a mobile service. Depending on your location, we will need to confirm that our installers will have room for their van, plenty of light to see what they're doing, and room to open both front doors all the way. Additionally, if your vehicle will be out in the open, our ability to do with job is weather-permitting.

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