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Our Values

We consider ourselves pretty darn lucky to be surrounded by a crew of hard-working, dedicated individuals who have made themselves a career in the industry. We think that they deserve a whole lot more than a gold watch and a pat on the back at the end of 30 years - which is why we joined the Glaziers and Glassworkers Local Union 188 in 2002. In addition to a retirement package, we appreciate that our employees and their families have access to health insurance and a living wage, all of which are benefit of our union membership. We are proud to be able to compensate our team for their hard work and dedication while providing a top-quality service at a competitive price to our customers.

If you can have your auto, residential or commercial glass needs taken care of by the very best installers in town at a competitive price, why wouldn't you choose Professional Glass and Window Company?

As union members, all of our installers are highly trained and highly experienced. They stay up-to-date with their skill and knowledge of the latest technology and techniques through yearly educational requirements. They are also human, and so occassionally something will go wrong - but if it does, you can rest assured knowing that our guys, and our shop, will be here when you need us, whether it's 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years from now!

What Our Union Membership Means to US:

What Our Union Membership Means to YOU:

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